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SIT Swiss Information Technology GmbH

Products from Switzerland are well-known around the world for their quality, benig unique and lasting value. SIT brings them right to it's customer door internationally. 

SIT Swiss Information Technology GmbH sell a best choice of the famous high quality products from Switzerland. 

The Swiss Made products SIT  presents are in three sections which achieve the most well known attributes standing for "Swissness". 

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Today, the Mammut Sports Group generates 70% of its turnover abroad. Its total revenue has increased to over CHF 246.9 million. Around 50% of sales are attributable to clothing, however another important segment is climbing ropes, an area in which Mammut is by far the best-known supplier in the market.


The ropes are still produced exclusively in Seon; as ever, "Made in Switzerland" is a guarantee of quality and reliability. As well as its long-standing tradition in the manufacture of ropes, decades of experience and the in-depth knowledge of specialists in the areas of clothing, sleeping bags, shoes and accessories, Mammut also relies to a great extent on feedback from numerous sportsmen and women, who regularly use, test and participate in the development of Mammut Sports Group equipment.


Sworn to innovation and quality, Logitech designed peripherals that are designed to help people find easier access to the digital world. In 1981 we brought a then brand new input device on the market that allowed the user an intuitive interaction with the computer - the mouse. Very quickly we became the world's leading mouse manufacturer, and over the years we have always new devices released to keep up with the evolving needs of PC and laptop users step. Over time we have expanded our expertise in product design, so our range now includes besides mice also a variety of other devices. They all form the direct interface, the "last inch" between the user and the game console, digital music or entertainment system. Logitech products are available in almost every country in the world. In the peripheral devices (some with cable, some without), the emphasis is mainly in the segments PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, and control for digital music and home entertainment systems. The development of our products first is a careful analysis of the habits of our customers in dealing with digital devices ahead. Based on these studies our specialists then a design that allows the user to easier handling - always from the viewpoint convenience, comfort, fun, productivity and overall feeling.


Patek Philippe

From the 13th to the 18th October 2014, Patek Philippe celebrated its 175th Anniversary. The historical celebration events took place in the Patek Philippe manufacture in Geneva, Plan-Les-Ouates. At this occasion Patek Philippe unveiled the 175th limited edition commemorative watches collection and a dedicated 175th Rare Handcrafts timepieces collection.

An introduction to the Rolex philosophy

The Rolex Way 

ro • lex 

 A way of doing things unlike any other.

The Rolex Way.

There is only a way.

There is no word for what we do.

We sculpt, paint and explore. But sculptors, painters and explorers we are not.

‘Tradition’ is too conventional for the innovation we undertake.

‘Precise’ is too imprecise for our attention to detail.

The way we make watches, the only thing we will ever make.